You Will Receive:

In order to use the Rig Control features of this software you will need the correct Rig Control Cable (CI-V) for your rig. I do not sell these and it is not included. I highly recommend RT Systems USB-RTS01 for a trouble free USB Rig Control and Programming solution. It is Plug and Play and inexpensive.
This will allow you to click on a signal peak on the Spectrum Display and the rig tunes to that frequency instantly.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 or Later.
A PC with a Dual Core CPU, soundcard and one free USB Port 



I will always strive to source the best quality supplies for my Panadapter Systems and occasionally they change. They will always change for the better. These changes may not be reflected in the pictures.


This system comes with a Remote Control and small antenna that is not used in this application. Toss them in the junk box if you like.

There is also a small disc that is not used. DO NOT INSTALL THE SOFTWARE ON THAT DISK! Use the larger disc marked Panadapter.

I only include these items because you paid for them.




Price plus Shipping

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