with SDRplay


The FTdx3000 and FTdx5000 have their 1st IF at 9 MHz. Yaesu also built an IF Port on the back of the radio that allows us to just plug right into the 1st IF.

Having a 1st IF at 9 MHz means a conventional RTL SDR Dongle will not work. They RX from 24 MHz to 1.8 GHz. We need a SDR Receiver that will RX at 9 MHz.

There are several SDR Receivers that will fit the bill. They can cost more than $1000. The SDRplay RSP-1A is a very good choice and is priced reasonably at around $99.

The SDRplay does not use your computers soundcard for input and unlike all of the other SDR Receivers is not limited by the bandwidth of the soundcard. Bandwidth can be as much as 8 MHz (Though that is very “busy”)

I am offering a full set of cables, and instructions for a Panadapter/Bandscope based on the SDRplay for $70.


You will receive:

A 48 inch RG-316 cable with a Male SMA connector on one end and a male RCA Connector on the other end to connect the rig to the SDRplay.

A three foot USB A to USB B cable to connect the SDRplay to your computer.

Complete written instructions in .PDF Format.


You supply:

The SDRplay RSP-1A (preferred) or RSP-2

FTdx3000 or FTdx5000

Rig Control Cable

(This will allow the Radio and the Software to communicate for frequency changes through the software)




System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later. Yes, even Windows 8.1 and 10!

A PC with a Dual Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, Soundcard and one free USB 2.0 Port.

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