My Panadapter




What is a Panadapter?



A Panadapter is a panoramic display that attaches to your rigs first IF and gives you the opportunity to look at the whole band your rig is tuned to (Up to 3MHz).

Tie that to some basic computerized rig control and we have a powerful tool that allows us to spot another station in real time, click on that station and your rig will instantly tune to that frequency. 





What if it were possible to look at the whole band?
Or just a single signal?
See a signal, click on that signal's peak and have your rig tune to that frequency instantly.

How much fun would that be? How useful is that?

How much would that add to your Amateur Radio experience?
Are you a Contester or DX Hunter?
Could you use something that would allow you to Hunt and Pounce with exceptional ease?
Just looking for somebody to Rag Chew with?

See that person's signal, click on it, and you're there!

Sure, you can always turn the VFO and accomplish all of these things, but what of it were instant, easy and inexpensive?

You can do this and there is no need to modify your rig. Simply route the cable inside your rig and plug it in. It is just as easily reversible.





System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10!

PC with Dual Core CPU, 2GB RAM, and one free USB 2.0 port.








My Panadapter Systems use 3rd Party software that is free for you to download and use. The instructions included in your kit include the links to all of this software. It is Free.

I do not provide, nor am I selling the software.